Our Team

Global Engineering Week was put together by a group of students and alumni passionate about global engineering
and engineering’s role in developing sustainable solutions to pressing social and global problems.

Malik Ismail

Founder & Executive Director

Malik is an Engineering Science alumni (1T6 + PEY) from the University of Toronto and is the founder of the Global Engineering Week. After three years as Vice President of Engineers Without Borders and working with faculty to introduce real-life global poverty case studies in their courses, he realized that curriculum-based discussions were only one part of the equation to disseminate the requisite knowledge and skillsets needed to help students become global engineers. This understanding led him to found the Global Engineering Week in 2016, which he believes is a will not only inspire students to expand their horizons and look beyond traditional engineering roles, but provide them will the skills needed to tackle the most complex global challenges.

Morris Huang

Managing Director

Morris is a second-year undergraduate Materials Science Engineering student at UofT and the Lead of EWB UofT’s Evolving Engineering Portfolio. He strongly believes in investing in student leaders who are interested in global problems and systemic change in order to help create lasting impact in their communities. Through his involvement with EWB and GE Week, he aims to challenge students to think outside the traditional engineering roles and equip them with the necessary skills to solve complex global issues.

Dr. Amy Bilton

Associate Director, Centre for Global Engineering

Dr. Amy Blton is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Associate Director of the Center for Global Engineering at the University of Toronto. She completed her PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the area of appropriate solar powered water desalination systems for remote communities. Her research group, the Water and Energy Research Laboratory, uses systems engineering approaches to develop appropriate water and energy solutions for remote communities in the developing world. She partners with NGOs and businesses in the developing world to address developing world challenges and deploy technology.

Marya Kemp

GE Fair Co-Director

Marya is a second year mechanical engineering student from British Columbia. She is one of the Global Engineering Fair Coordinators for the second year in a row with the goal of educating students about the ways EWB is making positive changes worldwide. She is looking forward to working with EWB on projects that inspire lasting change and educate about global engineering in the future.

Maddie Shiell

GE Fair Co-Director

Maddie is a second year Engineering Science student. This is her first GE Week and she is really excited to be contributing to it. She thinks it is very important to bring awareness to the global impact of engineering, and the interdisciplinary aspects of global engineering

Joshua Park

Evolving Engineering Member for Engineers Without Borders

Joshua is in first-year Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. He has been involved in planning the Global Engineering Week and promoting the Global Engineering Curriculum. Through his involvement, he truly hopes to play a vital role in the EWB Toronto chapter and hopes to create lasting global change.

Kain Lee

Evolving Engineering Member for Engineers Without Borders

Kain is a third year Materials Engineering student at UofT. Kain is thrilled to be a part of EWB UofT's Global Engineering Portfolio. Kain believes that social impact originates from creating greater social awareness. He is looking forward to making Engineering student to be more aware of their profession in a global context.

Andrew Rogers

Evolving Engineering Member for Engineers Without Borders

Andrew is a second-year mechanical engineering student from Montreal, Quebec. As a new member of the Evolving Engineering portfolio, he is looking forward to contributing towards innovative projects inspiring lasting change and education in global engineering.

Jennifer Kong

Evolving Engineering Member for Engineers Without Borders

Jennifer is a first year Engineering Science student at U of T. She strongly values community involvement and social change, and she became involved in GE Week and EWB to learn more about global engineering. She hopes to take what she learns to also spark an interest in others to tackle global issues with engineering principles.