What does it mean to be a Global Engineer?

"A global engineer is defined as one who has the personal qualities, international knowledge, and technical skills required to work effectively in a range of international settings and work environments." - The National Academies Press

"The world needs great engineering and international development working together... we need to challenge engineers to take their best ideas and solve these (global) problems... So you have to work closely together building stronger ties between these two fields, so that we'll have amazing engineering solutions and we help out the poorest." - Bill Gates

Our Goal

The challenges faced by our generation have become increasingly complex, multifaceted and multinational. It is therefore imperative for engineering students to develop the necessary skills to successfully tackle global problems. Doing so requires an exposure to and understanding of global engineering knowledge and applications.

Global Engineering Week (GE Week), the first of its kind in Canada, strives to immerse students in an atmosphere of global engineering and push them beyond the four wall of technical analysis, disseminating the necessary knowledge and skillsets needed by students to tackle multi-disciplinary problems and truly become global engineers. This includes exposure to global leaders who could share their experiences and inspire students, as well as institutional and student-run initiatives. Through GE Week, we hope to provide students with a galvanizing experience, not only exposing them to the importance of global engineering, but inspiring them about the unique possibilities that exist within it.

This year Global Engineering Week will impact over 3,000 students through a keynote speaker, course curriculum, and student-run events.


Keynote Speaker

Dan Frey is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Co-Director of Experimental Design research in the SUTD-MIT International Design Center, and the Faculty Advisor for Suitability Research at the MIT-based Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE). He is actively involved in design of engineering devices for the developing world, and has worked intensively with colleagues, administrators, and the Singapore Ministry of Education to establish a major new research center for engineering design. Dan holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado, and a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Curriculum Involvement

We have partnered with faculty to introduce real-life global poverty case studies, examples, and readings into the engineering curriculum during GE Week, ranging from electrical communications systems to entrepreneurship to engineering design, impacting 2,500 students in the classroom alone.
Not only will this prompt discussions about innovative solutions to engineering and business issues that arise in the context of global poverty, but it will give students an outlet to apply their curriculum in solving these problems.